Our main focus at A Mother’s Touch Daycare is to provide an environment that enhances social and emotional development, facilitates learning through activities, and meaningful learning experiences. Every child is born with a disposition to learn, and will flourish in a nurturing community that facilitates opportunities to obtain new knowledge.

Daycare with The loving touch of a mother

Our Core Values

Safety and Health

To protect children and their families. To make sure they are practicing healthy habits, including healthy eating and daily exercise.


To make everyone we serve feel welcomed and understand that we are all in this to build up the children of the future.


To treat each child/family with fairness. To serve a diverse community, including different cultures, disabled, low-income families and more.


To work with children who are non-verbal, disabled, etc. and willing to make accommodations or modifications as needed.


To provide children and their families with resources that can help them become successful in the future.

Through nurturing and individualized attention; we take great care in providing a warm, friendly, and fun environment for your child. We ensure that they will receive the guidance and structure they need for a strong foundation.

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